Brand Protection

Your brand image and reputation for quality is everything. Protecting it against adulteration, laundering, and counterfeit products is what we do.  Our ability to mark, track and identify your products is second to none.

That’s because we work in collaboration with you to create unique identification solutions that are tailored exclusively to your business and products.

We bring together exclusive high performance products such as COVERTRACE® and KEROTECT®, proven detector instruments, world-class technical support and service, and security of supply to provide product detection you can depend upon.

We also provide consultancy, training and support throughout the planning, implementation and delivery of your marker programme, at no extra cost.


KEROTECT® is an innovative product for the fast identification of oil products like gasoline, diesel and heating oil. KEROTECT® markers allow you to detect changes to your products, so you’ll know immediately if they’ve been tampered with in any way. The markers are invisible, easily detectable and don’t alter the properties of the fuel.