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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy 


The aim of this policy is to ensure that the Company considers all social and environmental concerns through all of our business activities.  It encompasses our philosophy towards social responsibility and lays down strategic guidelines for all current and future initiatives.

Our Commitment

John Hogg recognises the importance of behaving as a responsible corporate citizen in an increasingly connected world and making a positive contribution to society.  We take ownership of the social, environmental and economic impact of our business activities, aiming to exceed the expectations of all connected stakeholders, customers, suppliers and society as a collective.

We also set ourselves very high expectations, continually seek better, safer, more cost effective and sustainable methods of working whilst adhering to best practice.  We are committed to doing business in the right way; with honesty, integrity and in full compliance with current laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate.


Our Company values are placed at the centre of everything we do at John Hogg, driving our behaviours, attitudes and decision making. This policy is a reflection of how we live our company values and always aim to act in the best interests of wider society:

WE ARE SAFE – we always think about safety to ensure that we look after each other and our business partners.

WE INNOVATE – we believe it’s important to allocate time and people to a creative thinking process that enables new ideas to flourish and deliver constant evolution.

WE AIM HIGH – we are proud of our high standards and we expect everyone to uphold them at all times.

WE KEEP PROMISES – we say what we are going to do, we mean it and we do it.

WE ARE HONEST – we always conduct ourselves with integrity and work within the law of the land.

WE ARE TEAM PLAYERS – we succeed when we work well together, so be enthusiastic, respect others, and have fun.  We aim to recognise both individual and team success.

John Hogg’s corporate and social responsibility can be categorised into two sections:

  • CSR Compliance – our commitment to meeting relevant legal obligations and going above and beyond these obligations wherever possible.
  • Pro-active CSR – our commitment to investing in supporting initiatives to assist in the sustainable development of society, promotion of human rights and protection of the environment.



John Hogg takes our commitment to respecting the laws of the territories we operate in very seriously.  John Hogg, our suppliers and our customers are bound by our terms of trading, which prohibits illegal activity for all of our stakeholders, and we take action where these requirements are not met.

We ensure that our partnerships and collaborations are always conducted in an open, honest and transparent manner.  This is done using our partner assessment processes to assure alignment with our legal compliance efforts and our Company values.

We honour our internal policies, making sure that our business processes are followed through our quality management system, which is ISO 9001 accredited.  We invest significant time into continuous improvement of this system and auditing in all business areas.

Business ethics

John Hogg is committed to running our business both legally and ethically.  Our Company values drive the behaviours that we uphold as a Company, and our code of conduct ensures that the highest standards of honesty and integrity are maintained.  We are proud of the way we do business and want to ensure that integrity permeates everything we do.

We take a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption, and do not tolerate, permit, or engage in bribery, corruption, improper payments, or unethical practices of any kind in our business dealings, anywhere in the world. Compliance with our anti-bribery policy is mandatory for all John Hogg employees as well as our partners, suppliers and customers; we take breaches of this policy very seriously and take appropriate action when needed.

Protecting People and the Environment

John Hogg maintains a working environment that ensures the health, safety and welfare of all employees, visitors, contractors and members of the public while on our site.  We also recognise the need to protect the wider environment and we take steps to reduce our environmental impact wherever we can.

Compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements is seen as the bare minimum and we are always looking at ways to improve via our safety, health and environment (SHE) management system. We aspire to always have a caring attitude and culture where the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved with John Hogg is of the highest priority, and we are always open to suggestions as to ways to improve this.

Our Trafford Park site is 100% powered by electricity from renewable sources and we do a significant amount of recycling, of both office and chemical waste.  We reduce our waste wherever possible and ensure that our use of energy is as efficient as possible.  We always follow best practices when disposing of and using any chemical substances, with particular care taken to avoid pollution and to keep our local environment clean.

We promote initiatives such as car-pooling and the UK Government’s ‘Ride to Work’ scheme, which aims to both reduce the carbon emissions of commuting to work and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

We also believe in the importance of mental health and wellness, awareness of which is promoted to all employees through our team of mental health first aiders.

Human rights

John Hogg does business in the right way, with fairness, respect and equality given to everyone connected with the company, with a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of discrimination. We are a committed equal opportunity employer and abide by all fair labour practices.

We are also dedicated to protecting human rights in general and do not tolerate the use of child labour or slavery under any circumstances for any of our partners, customers, suppliers or any other company connected with John Hogg.


John Hogg always looks to go beyond our legal obligations in a CSR context and invests in activities which assist in the sustainable development of society and protection of the environment. Examples of these are detailed in the following section.

Donations and aid

John Hogg organises events throughout the year to raise money for various charities. In the past this has included:

  • Red Nose Day – a campaign organised by Comic Relief which raises money for various causes including homelessness, domestic abuse and mental health stigma.
  • Macmillan Coffee Mornings – a fundraising event which supports people living with cancer through organised coffee mornings.
  • Christmas jumper day – a fundraising event for a charity chosen by John Hogg staff every Christmas.
  • Mental Health Awareness Day – raises awareness of mental health issues around the world and raises funds to mobilize efforts in support of mental health.
  • Movember – a fundraising campaign which raises money for men’s health and mental health charities by challenging fundraisers to grow a moustache for the whole month of November.


John Hogg encourages its employees to volunteer and may make a provision for paid leave to support volunteering.  They can volunteer through programs organised internally or externally, recent examples including litter picks and clean ups of our local ecology park.

Supporting education and the community

John Hogg will continue to initiate and support community investment and educational programs.

We offer work experience opportunities for school and college students as well as placements for university students to support their education and development. We attend various careers events to help students to understand what it is like working in industry and help them define their career aspirations.

We have sponsored a number of vocational science programs for schools in the Manchester area, including Race to the Line, a competition for Year 7 STEM students to build the fastest model rocket car in the country.


This policy lays out all current CSR activity undertaken by John Hogg, both to comply with the law and to proactively contribute to the betterment of society.

John Hogg will continue the improvement of our corporate social responsibility efforts, in line with our company values. We will develop and publish a strategy to manage our CSR going forwards to ensure that our efforts are as effective and valuable as possible.