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John Hogg Launches New Website & Brand Refresh


If you are on this page, you will have noticed that we have made a few changes!

We are pleased to reveal our brand-new website, showcasing our products, services and market applications, featuring a modern sleek design and intuitive user experience. Alongside the new site, we are also happy to share our new company strapline ‘Chemistry for a Brighter Future’. This is a statement of intent and emphasises our commitment to providing market leading brand protection and colouring solutions, as well as world class service and support.

John Hogg was founded in 1981, originally as a distributor for Shell fuels in Northern Ireland. Since then, we have grown into a global leader in the manufacturing of solvent dyes for industries outside of fuels, and are also a respected service provider for fuel authentication, tax subsidy protection, and anti-counterfeiting technologies.

Our new website will be regularly updated with educational content including whitepapers, a blog and news articles to make sure that users are informed about the latest developments in solvent dyes, fuel marking and brand protection initiatives. It also features our state-of-the-art fuel supply chain integrity ecosystem, PURECHAIN®. Designed to help proactively tackle fuel fraud issues, PURECHAIN® helps to protect revenues and ensures seamless product quality and integrity, from manufacture to end user.

Our brand refresh, and new strapline, reflect our company values of Innovative Thinking, Collaboration, Product & Service Quality and Integrity & Honesty. It aims to reaffirm our position as an industry leader in all three of our major market sectors. And highlights the ways of working which make us stand out from the crowd.

Above everything else, we want to show off the core of our success over the last 22 years, which are the people that work here. At the heart of John Hogg is an elite team of experts, committed to collaboration, problem-solving and understanding the unique challenges and objectives of any project. Our people are the reason that we are a global leader in our markets. You will see their pictures on most pages on the website, as well as a profile of our senior management team on the ‘Our Story’ page. Check this out for an insight into what it is like being part of the John Hogg team!

Please explore the new website and discover how we work and take you to a brighter future.


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