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Reach Compliance

REACH, the European Union legislation for the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals, is intended to protect human health and the environment from potential risks arising from the use of chemicals.

Since the UK’s exit from the EU, John Hogg has appointed an Only Representative in Europe to ensure continued EU REACH compliance, as well as ensuring all products comply with UK REACH to allow continued operations.

We have ongoing consultations with both our suppliers and European customers to ensure that REACH compliance is continued.

At John Hogg we have always been committed to ensuring that our products are manufactured and used as safely as possible.

Our suppliers are aware of their obligations under REACH, and they have assured us that raw materials will continue to be available in the quality and quantity we need.

As a leading manufacturer of dye and marker technologies, John Hogg also had a number of REACH registration obligations. In 2018 we successfully completed our latest round of REACH dossier submissions, acting as lead registrant for a number of substances and ensuring continued compliance of John Hogg products.

The REACH regulation also requires that uses of chemicals are assessed. Our customers have communicated their downstream user requirements and, where relevant these have been incorporated into Chemical Safety Reports, ensuring that the uses of both John Hogg and our customers are deemed safe.

Any new, non-phase-in, substances developed by our highly innovative Research and Development Team are registered at the appropriate tonnage band before introduction to market.

Even though the final REACH registration deadline has now passed, chemicals legislation is continually evolving, and John Hogg will continue to ensure compliance, monitoring substances of interest for regulatory activities (classification changes, requests for additional data from ECHA, SVHC developments, restrictions on marketing and use etc).  John Hogg is also committed to keeping our REACH registrations up to date with new information as required by an increase in volumes or new use patterns.

JOHN HOGG IS ALSO COMPLIANT IN EU REACH, UK REACH, Canadian DSL, USA TSCA, Australia AICS, Japan (ENCS/ISHL), Korea ECL and Korea REACH, China IECSC, New Zealand NZioC, Taiwan, Philippines, Switzerland, Turkey and Russia/Eurasia REACH.

If you require any additional information regarding the compliance within other countries or on the regulatory status of any John Hogg products, please do not hesitate to contact us: