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Lubricant Expo Europe 2023


John Hogg are Attending Europe’s Biggest Lubrication Technology Event

Exciting news to share! As a leading dye manufacturer for lubricant products, we are thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming Lubricant Expo Europe 2023. This event is the heart of innovation and collaboration in the lubricants industry, and we can’t wait to be a part of it.

Our dyes are transforming lubricants into vibrant, visually distinctive products that catch the eye while maintaining exceptional performance. Our bold colours can enhance both the look and functionality of YOUR lubricants. And our innovative lower – naphthalene (NF) range includes high-quality, vibrant solvent dye options that help to minimise environmental and health hazards, without compromising on performance.

Find out more about our Speciality Dye Products HERE.

The John Hogg team are personally looking forward to connecting with fellow enthusiasts, thought leaders, and experts who are passionate about the interplay of colour within the industry. Let’s dive into discussions about the impact of dyes on brand identity, consumer perception, and the future of the lubricant industry.

If you are attending, let’s connect! We will be happy to sit down and chat with you at the Lubricant Expo Europe 2023. Drop us an email at to reserve a booking with us.

We can’t wait to add a splash of colour to the lubricant industry together!

Date: 26th-28th September
Location: Messe Essen, Germany
Learn More:


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