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Meet the Team

Lynn Case – Finance & HR Manager



Introducing the latest edition of our “Meet the Team”, a glimpse into the extraordinary individuals that bring our success.

This week, we spoke to one of our longest serving colleagues, Lynn Case, about her love for the Olympics and her successful career at John Hogg dating back to 1989!



Tell us a little about your role at John Hogg

At John Hogg, I am the HR and Finance Manager & also the Company Secretary. My role covers quite a few areas of the business, from managing & leading the finance team, to co-ordinating payments, problem solving, auditing and many other things I really enjoy Finance, but I have a passion for HR. HR is very much both reactive and proactive work, sometimes with less control and more surprises, but it keeps you on your toes and is never boring!

How long have you been a part of the John Hogg team?

33 years! Since Nov 1989. I have stayed working with John Hogg for so long because John Hogg is a great company to work for and has helped to support my personal development for many years.

Did you attend University? If so, what did you study?

I didn’t attend University directly from college, but I did attend Salford University whilst working for John Hogg and got my CIPD qualification. The reason for not attending was that I came from a working-class family and my father wanted me to go out into the world and start my career as soon as possible. I was lucky enough to get a great job working with John Hogg whilst they supported my studies. I think if I did attend University instead of starting working, I would have studied Business.

What was your first job?

I began work as a temporary employee in varied office-based jobs for various companies such as: Kellogg’s, Shell, IBM, Co-Op, and of course John Hogg.

What hobbies or activities do you enjoy doing outside of work?

It’s a cliché but I do love socialising with my friends, having a nice meal and a drink. I also love going for walks but not so much if it’s Hiking these days… I do also love reading and completing brain teasers such as wordle, sudoku, Jigsaw puzzles.

What would you say is your greatest personal accomplishment?

I am proud to have raised my daughter whilst studying my CIPD and working at John Hogg full time. When I look back now, I don’t understand how I did it! I have a lot of admiration for working parents.

What’s a fun fact about you that most people wouldn’t know?

A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I have actually donated a kidney! I can also touch my nose with my tongue…

If you could travel to any place in the world, where would it be and why?

I would love to go to Canada and visit some friends over there, but the thing that is stopping me is the flying. I hate long flights but one day I will build up the courage!

Do you have a favourite sport?

I love the Olympics whenever it is on, I get really invested in it. My favourite athletes over the years are Mo Farah & Jessica Ennis. They were so impressive that you couldn’t help but cheer them on from your living room! I also had the pleasure of meeting Dame Kelly Holmes many years ago when she visited my Daughter’s primary school after she won a competition and I got to hold her Olympic medals!

Describe your ideal day off.

If I had a busy week I would like a lie in bed, followed by a bit of pottering around and then going out to meet some friends to socialize. There’s a lovely coffee shop near where I live that do brilliant cakes and its nice to catch up with some friends in there.

Which book or a movie has left a lasting impact on you and why?

Schindler’s list left a big impact on me, I’ve never been so upset watching a film. The fact that it was based on a true story and the way the film is produced, it’s definitely a film that I distinctively remember.

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Pasta! It is just so versatile.

What is your greatest fear?

Heights… It has always been a big fear of mine. I also have a complete irrational fear of Zombies. I can’t even watch Shaun of the Dead without hiding behind a cushion.

Your GOAT music artist?

Back in my teenage years it would have been Duran Duran but more recently I’m really liking Ed Sheeran & Dua lipa.

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or deceased, who would it be?

Marilyn Monroe for sure. I would love to know all the gossip of her life!

If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

Loyal, supportive & funny.

What’s the best thing about your job?

The best thing is the variety of people I deal with. I love the fact that I talk to everybody in the company, learn so much about them as individuals, and help towards making John Hogg a nice company to work for.

What’s an important lesson you’ve learned while working at John Hogg?

That you don’t always get everything right first time, as long as you try and work hard then you will succeed.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to new team members to succeed within our company culture?

At the start, learn what knowledge people have to share, and then adapt that knowledge to grow & develop as an individual. You need the baseline first to then go ahead and make it better.

Finally, in your opinion, what sets John Hogg apart as an employer?

I think John Hogg is all about the people, that’s what makes it a great place to work. It’s important that we select Employees that care and share a similar work culture when we are hiring. If we all share the same values, then we are all working for the same goal, which makes it a good company to work for. Our employees work great as a team and collaboration is a vital part of our success. John Hogg is also a very supportive company that listens to its employees and is open to change.


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