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Purechain® is Our Most Accurate, Secure and Portable Marking System to Date.



PURECHAIN® is our newly developed marking system which combines a state-of-the-art data collection and analytics platform with marker chemicals and detectors. It protects brand integrity, reputation and ultimately revenue by using data insights to help efficiently and effectively Identify fraud in the supply chain.

PURECHAIN® offers customers benefits through the ecosystem it creates, including:

Covertrace® marker

A chemical compound which is compatible with a wide array of fuels and can be detected at any point in the supply chain. This marker is added to a target matrix and tested to determine whether the test batch is legitimate or has been illegally diluted, adulterated or counterfeited.

CT4 Detector

The CT4 is our state of the art, data enabled detector, which provides rapid qualitative results in the field, without the need for bulky lab equipment. The device itself is simple and easy to use and can be operated by anyone from any background – from quality assurance staff through to sales teams.


The PURECHAIN® App is directly linked with the CT4 detector and removes the need for paper-based recording of detector readings, providing increased data security, data validation and efficiency for the user. There is a guaranteed security aspect as readings are automatically uploaded to the cloud via Wi-Fi or mobile internet, so they cannot be changed by the operator and are more likely to be admissible in court.

PURECHAIN® data platform

This feature of the ecosystem allows brand owners to make actionable decisions about their marking program; decisions based on real world intelligence from the supply chain underpinned by facts, trends, and statistics. This also allows brand owners to act quickly on certain decisions through the timely data upload.


At John Hogg, we offer a range of colour solutions for distribution companies looking to protect their brand and reputation. The marking programs are customized for each company, its economic reality, its distribution system and the laws and regulations of its country.

As leaders in the market, we are pleased to collaborate with companies that produce and distribute oil and biofuels all over the globe to help ensure that their operations are safer, more reliable, and more profitable.


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