We provide technology-driven marking systems for governments and companies across the globe to protect the value of fuels and branded products against laundering, adulteration and other fraudulent activities.

But it’s not just our products that make our business successful. It’s the proven, effective solutions we provide for our customers that have helped build the John Hogg reputation.

Our Products

Our DYEGUARD®, SUDAN®, COVERTRACE® and KEROTECT® range of dyes and markers are market leading.  We currently supply more than 70 countries globally, and we’re the principal supplier of the Euromarker.


Our team of consultants offer independent advice on all aspects of regulations and compliance products, as well as guidance on the different legislation around the world. They can also advise you on how best to meet your colour and identification needs.

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Our Solutions

Our broad range of high quality dyes and marker solutions provides everything our customers need to meet legislative and industry standards across the globe.

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From the colouring and identification of fuels and lubricants, to non-destructive testing and explosives, our wide variety of powder and liquid dyes are used throughout the world.

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We understand how important your brand’s reputation is to you. That’s why we work together to create unique solutions that marry high performance products with world-renowned customer service.

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Our fuel protection programmes combine innovative technology and operational expertise to help prevent a wide range of fraudulent activities.

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